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Diagnosis tool is the appropriate device to perform diagnosis on your truck. Multibrand and multisystem diagnostics with a wide coverage on the different electronic systems installed on Commercial Vehicles.We can quickly and accurately diagnose and repair electrical problems in heavy duty trucks.

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Is your truck’s diesel engine running rougher than it used to? A complete engine overhaul package is now available from Trucks.We have the facilities, equipment and expertise to overhaul engines. Diesel engines must be treated differently, particularly with the ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid.

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Suspension services, from leaf spring replacement to complete overhauls, to help keep your truck on the road and riding smooth.Offers expert transmission services by our transmission specialist including service, transmission replacement and transmission replacement.

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The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program is the mandatory safety inspection program required by the government to operate any truck, tractor, trailer.The biggest problem with the CVIP is that the regulations and requirements you need to meet changes.

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Fault is first indicated with the DPF filter it is important to first confirm the fault is with the DPF itself & not one of the sensors associated with the exhaust / DPF system. This is achieved by reading the fault codes from the vehicle & confirming the soot levels within the DPF are within the regeneration zone.

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Your vehicle's diesel particulate filter helps safeguard the environment, and our proprietary Ultrasonic DPF cleaning process safeguards your wallet. Our ultrasonic DPF cleaning service is the only proven method for thoroughly cleaning every cell in the DPF to like new condition.

What we Offer


24-Hour Emergency Repairs And Service

Need Truck Service? We got it covered. Fast, safe and accurate repair provided all over the globe.



TRUCK POINT offers the best Diagnostics services using all expert and machines.


Scheduled Maintenance

We offer customers convenience, attention, and much consideration when working on their trucks. We are respectful of your time and busy schedules.


Truck Repairs You Can Trust

When a service light comes on or your truck no longer works, we want you to think of us first. Our trained mechanics provide only the best service.

Our Truck Repair Services

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

  • Coolant / Antifreeze

    Coolant / Antifreeze

  • Emission System Repairs

    Emission System Repairs

  • Oil Change / Lube Service

    Oil Change / Lube Service

  • Wheel & Tire Alignment

    Wheel & Tire Alignment





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